What can Napiershall offer you?


First and foremost, Napiershall graduates are trained to lead – to have the courage of their convictions, to make difficult decisions and to take responsibility for the success of their projects and the wellbeing of their teams. We involve our graduates at every level of management, charging them with recruitment decisions, financial planning, and stakeholder presentations.


Every project we undertake is different, with subtle nuances and stakeholder relationships that have to be understood and navigated. Our teams are encouraged to be consistently creative, to see everything with a fresh mind and fresh intellect, instead of resorting to a cookie cutter approach. We seek out and share new ways of working along with industry best practice, analysing how they might add value to our projects.


Is this vision commercially viable? Where is the value enhancement? How much is this meeting costing us? These are all questions that are constantly replayed in a lean, financially aware, entrepreneurial mindset. Our teams are accountable for their time and their success, and cultivate the ability to seize the moment to win the contract and achieve their goals. In short, to get it done.

What do we look for in our teams?


The road to success is long and tough, and developing the skills needed for that success can be draining, especially when things don’t go your way. We look for individuals who aren’t afraid to be knocked down, and who relish the experience gained through making mistakes.


On each of our projects, we look for staff who can think logically: considering what is achievable given time, budgetary, and man-power restraints; and to think backwards from the end-user’s point of view.


Leaders recognise the humanity necessary to build a winning team. We look for individuals with the courage and foresight to step into the shoes of their staff and their clients, to understand their feelings and perspectives, and to use that insight to guide their actions.

Let your personality shine!