For a decision to be effective, whether it is made by an individual or organisation, it has to be expertly and timely informed of all variables that might come into play. Napiershall Formula create incisive reports providing clients with profitable intelligence needed to stay ahead, be it the overall business or political landscape, analysis of a new market or strategic insight into their competitors.


When clients seek advice on their next move, whether it is a strategy or product, policy or campaign, our research teams draw on industry expertise to formulate authoritative white papers. These reports are a comprehensive guide that provide both a strategic overview and detailed specifics, whilst delivering clear recommendations for our client to implement.


On both a daily and weekly basis Napiershall provides succinct briefings for busy executives and government ministers, clients and stakeholders, comprised of the latest, most relevant information from high profile and respected sources. This information is tailored according to a client’s personal and commercial interests, with the aim of going above and beyond their own staff’s reports.