In today’s world, companies, organisations, high-profile individuals, even cities or nations are required to differentiate themselves from their competitors. Customers want to know what makes them unique. Napiershall Formula has a deep understanding of how a brand’s positioning can provide that competitive advantage. We take into account how all strategic decisions might ultimately impact upon that positioning or brand integrity. We can help clients build an innovative brand architecture that can strengthen their brand position, define their brand identity, and capture their target audience through service design and an immersive end-user experience.


A city or nation brand’s value is often measured by the level of satisfaction a traveller derives from their stay, or a customer gets from that location’s products. This satisfaction is in turn created by the balancing of expectations: what the location’s brand is known for vs end-user experience is what that brand actually delivers. To achieve the most effective positioning for a city or nation, Napiershall Formula first audits the existing brand, providing our clients with a clear understanding of how their brand engages with an audience. We then identify strategic brand assets that can enhance financial value and key touch points that can enrich customer experience, delivering a precise strategy for the client to implement.


When an individual or department champions a particular cause, they can find themselves under as much scrutiny as their initiatives. Through strategic positioning, Napiershall Formula enables individuals and executive branches of government to drive broad goals whilst strengthening their brand identity and integrity in the minds of their audience. Our innovative approach then empowers clients to leverage their brand to galvanise support from stakeholders, build operational capacity and deliver tangible results.


Strategic positioning in the corporate world enables brands to safeguard their values and brand integrity whilst driving business performance. Napiershall Formula’s approach to effective positioning is to measure new business ventures by brand enhancement – how they strengthen a brand’s position in the market – as well as by financial gain. When positioned strategically, a corporate brand can leverage its vision across all sub-brands and subsidiaries, delivering real advantages over competitors and captivating customers and stakeholders alike.

Ethics, integrity and trust are paramount when it comes to non-profit organisations, and Napiershall Formula helps align each level of a charity’s positioning in accordance with those values, from local initiatives to national campaigns. Strategic branding can strengthen both internal and external identity, providing greater levels of public trust and stakeholder engagement, whilst effective positioning can raise an organisation’s profile and catalyse the social impact of its work.